What Really Cuts Black Lives Short?

African-Americans have a life-span that is 3 years shorter than White Americans. The American Heart Association just released a study that explains why.

This may not be news to some, but higher rates of heart disease and stroke may be a major reason in this shorter life-span is a reality. Two million years of black lives have been lost due to these factors between the years of 1999 and 2010 alone.

With children, the numbers are apparent. 14% of black children have high blood pressure in comparison to only 8% of white children.

Health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes usually lead to the life shortening heart disease and stroke.

In our culture, black women are praised for their curvy/”thick” bodies and we do not eat the healthiest. Individuals with low income or education levels place the least importance on health and well-being.

According to the American Heart Association “Approximately 26 percent of African Americans are living in poverty, compared with 15 percent in the overall population. The median family income for African American households is $43,151 compared with $66,632 in the U.S. population.”

It is imperative that as a culture we implement changes that will increase our life-spans. How many of us have a dad, uncle, or grandfather that always says “I don’t go to the doctor.”? This is the mind set that is holding us back as a people. Regular doctor visits and health care are essential along with a healthy diet. This is the only way to ensure a healthy lifestyle and detect these signs early on.

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