Sandra Bland’s Family Still Waiting For Video & Personal Items Surrounding Her Death


Sandra Bland
‘s Family said they’re still unable to get basic information about her death from authorities.

Discrepancies in police documents, a perjury charge against Brian Encinia, the state trooper who can be seen on video threatening and assaulting Ms. Bland prior to her arrest, and a videotape that investigators promised would show the hanging never materialized. They also never received Sandra Bland’s personal items confiscated from Bland when she was booked.


2A97E30900000578-3163420-image-a-39_1437070189374A medical examiner ruled that Bland, 28, committed suicide on July 13, but her family is unconvinced, their lawyer said. 

“The family doesn’t know what to believe,” attorney Cannon Lambert said. “They’ve been told certain things that haven’t borne out to be true.”

According to Huffington Post, Bland’s mother said a Texas Rangers official promised to show her a video of the hanging, but the footage was inconclusive, according to Lambert.

“That is incorrect,” said Tom Vinger, a rangers spokesman, said in an email. “The offer was to view available video.”

Reports also state discrepancies between police documents and the autopsy report with more information than authorities previously disclosed.

  1. There were still signs of life when guards loosened the makeshift noose from Bland’s neck. 
  2. The jail nurse, using a stethoscope, heard a pulse while a sheriff’s lieutenant performed CPR. 
  3. Minutes later, at 9:06 a.m., a paramedic declared Bland dead. 
  4. A deputy who rushed into Bland’s cell “loosened the noose to from Inmate Bland’s neck and slid it up and over her head so she could lay Inmate Bland on the floor,” Lt. Sherry Rochen told Langdon. That would have been around 9:01 a.m., when Rochen said she began CPR. -report details via Waller County investigator Marc Langdon

However, Langdon’s report about the noose contradicts the information in the autopsy conducted on July 14. The autopsy report mentioned a note in the bag containing Bland’s body that said the “trash bag used as a ligature” was removed at 12:14 p.m., shortly before Bland’s body was transported to the morgue in Harris County. 


How long will it be before the Bland family will be given true accounts on what happened to Sandra Bland. Praying that more information is released and justice will be heard. Sandy Speaks


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