Savannah State University Announces Departure From Division I

Savannah State President Cheryl Dozier announced that the university has applied to reclassify as a NCAA Division II school. SSU joined the Division I ranks in 2002 and eventually joined the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference in 2010.

“Today we are announcing our intent of Savannah State University to reclassify all athletic programs from NCAA Division I to NCAA Division II,” said President Dozier.

The transition to Division II will take a minimum of two years so for right now things will stay the same for Tigers athletics.

“Right at this time we do not expect an immediate impact on any of their scholarships initially,” said Dozier.

The biggest impact will be on a number of scholarships Savannah State can award once they transition is complete.

“At the classification, we are in there are 63 possible full scholarships. At the Division II level we have 36 maximum scholarships that you can give,” said Savannah State Athletic Director Sterling Steward Jr.

“I’m also worried just because of what this means for the future of the school as a whole. Because dropping to Division II will obviously lighten our publicity and will take us out of the public eye,” said Savannah State student Willie Walker.

“There’s a group called 300 Club which is run by alumni. Which has made a plan that without any of the school’s money or any of the school’s investment will raise a million dollars over the next few years and this is all going to go specifically toward decreasing the athletic deficit? And eventually paying off the athletic 8 million dollar debt,” said Walker.


Do you feel like Savannah State is making the right call? How do you feel it will affect the Institution as a whole and student athletes?


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