School Does Nothing After ‘Kill List’ Targeting Black Students Is Released

In Cupertino, California Monta Vista High School is catching heat for not taking action after being made aware of a black hit list. Some parents are even saying that the school tried to cover it up. The kill list included the names of six or seven African-Americans and was posted to social media. According to the African-American community along with various activists, neither the school district nor the sheriff acted appropriately to such a serious situation. One student, in particular, was named and the details for her death were so specific to the number of bullets it would take to kill her. Since the incident, she has been pulled out of the school entirely.

The racist commentary was reportedly published in the school newspaper. Students are even attesting to hearing the N-word more often on a day to day basis. In contrast to what the parents are saying, Monta Vista says that disciplinary actions had taken place  after this discovery

Just two months prior to this incident, an Instagram post, made by students, referenced lynching n***ers. As we guessed, the students behind the post received no punishment.

However, after all the attention the situation received, the sheriff stated the case has been referred to the district attorney to review for criminal prosecution.

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