Should You Accept “Chicken Wings & Fries”?

“Chicken wings and fries we don’t go on dates,” is no longer just a line from “Jumpman” by Drake and Future. This song lyric has transformed into the new phenomenon. Dates are now a thing of the past and things like, chicken wings and fries and Netflix & chill have been substituted for the present. I conversed with a few of my male friends and they did not see anything wrong with this trend. Now that more males have taken on this new way of thinking it leaves many women with the question, “should I accept chicken wings and fries?”

Ladies you may not agree with my answer, but I think it depends on the context of it. If he invited you over his place, heated up some frozen wings, and poured out his leftover McDonald’s french fries onto a plastic plate, then you should not accept it. The context of that situation showed barely any initiative on his part. That is just the first sign that either he is not taking you seriously or he will be a lazy companion…and neither is acceptable.

milwaukee-pfister-hotel-room-service-chicken-wings-and-friesOn the other hand, if he took you out to a restaurant and both of you guys ordered chicken wings and fries then I see nothing wrong with that. He showed initiative! He spent gas money, his money, and spent time to take you somewhere where you could get a decent meal. To us women, that seems like a cheap date but to a man it is an acceptable date. After talking to my male friends, I realized that the price of the meal or what was eaten on a date does not dictate how a man feels. What dictates how a man feels is the appreciation he receives for what he’s done and the conversation that was had over the chicken wings and fries. So, next time think twice before turning your nose up when your man says he want to take you on a date to Wing Stop.

What do you think about Chicken Wings and Fries?

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