Snapweave Is Here To Save Black Women Money & Time

Ladies, most of us have had our fair share of weaves. Despite if it was you or a friend, you’ve heard through the grapevine about a sew that snatched your girl’s edges out, or a quick weave that broke your hair off trying to get out all the glue. Jennifer King, an Atlanta hairstylist, was exhausted with hearing these same complaints about the damage her clients had with weaves in their hair.

King proceeded to invent a system that was more affordable, less time consuming, protective, and tool free. Snapweave is providing the opportunity for women worldwide save time and money as well as the quality of their real hair–and they are loving it. The technique is as simple as it sounds, all you do is snap the hair into place on top of your protected hair underneath.

Frontals, U-parts, and Closures are all part of this innovative idea.This eliminates bulky wigs, 4 hours in the salon, and constant spending on touch ups. The best part is, you still have the same freedom as far as styling, coloring, and length.

Want to see how the Snapweave works? Click here.

If you’re looking to support an African-American entrepreneur while getting your hair on fleek, Jessica King and her Snapweave has got you covered!

From The Founder:

My name is Jennifer!!

Allow me to introduce myself
I’m Jennifer, a professional hair stylist based in Atlanta, GA.
I’m also a mom, an inventor, and someone who’s passionate about you wearing the hair
you need to confidently walk into any room. And now?


Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you’re beautiful with beautiful hair. But you don’t want to always sit in a
salon for 2 – 3 hours or start getting ready 2 hours before you leave to go somewhere.
BECAUSE you want the flexibility to change your hair when you want (even if it’s
everyday) the same as celebrities like Beyonce do, even if you don’t have a personal
BECAUSE maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on your hair, but you still want
quality hair that’s going to last you more than a few weeks and not get frizzy in the rain.

I help you have beautiful hair without spending tons of time, tons of money, or losing
any quality.

From the time you wake up, to heading into the office, church, or a night out with your
girls, I’ll have you full of hair confidence faster than you’ve ever been! So no matter
where you’re headed or how little time you have, you never have to have a bad hair
day again.
BEST PART: You don’t have to come sit in my chair for hours. I’ll send your hair to

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