Spring Break Is Over, Now What?

Rather you spent a week in Mexico on a beach or decided to go home and bum it out; it’s time for your vacation to come to an end. Being back at school can feel like an out-of-body experience and you might find yourself wondering “is this real life” as you’re walking to class for the first time since returning to campus. Even though the time left in the semester after spring break isn’t much, many people still find it hard to have the energy needed to focus and finish strong. However, it’s not summer break just yet and what you do with the remaining weeks of the school year is very crucial. Your school year doesn’t have to end with you being stressed out over finals, next semester class schedules, and move-out dates. Taking some time to organize and plan a few things once returning from spring break can help your school year-end a lot more peaceful than expected.

Start preparing for finals now:

For most Universities/Colleges, final exam schedules are made public after spring break and if that’s the case for you then take advantage of that! Go ahead and write down in your planner when your exams will be. If you notice you have two hard exams on the same day then reach out to your professors and see if you can take one on a different day (it never hurts to ask). Also, make any study sheets or note cards you might need for finals now. Once finals actually roll around and everyone is rushing to make study material, all you’ll have to do is add any new keynotes and study away.

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Take time to meet with your academic advisor:

Hopefully, by this point in your college career, you have personally met your academic advisor but if you haven’t now is the perfect time (and if you have it’s time for another pop up). Once you return to campus be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Possible topics to discuss during this meeting are; are you on track to graduate, what classes should you take next semester, and, your current grade point average. Remember that you academic advisor is literally there for you and all your academic needs and they have more insight to your campus than you might think.

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Take time to meet with ALL your current professors:

Say this with me “office hours are a major key!!”  I’m currently an upperclassman and it still shocks me when I come across students who don’t take the opportunity to go to their professor’s office hours. Even if you (think you) don’t need the extra help, it’s still important to go every now and again. Office hours give the chance for your professor to get to know you outside of the classroom and see that you’re really trying to grasp the material. Remember that no matter what they say, professors do play favoritism with their students and them knowing more than just your ID number can greatly help your final grade. After spring break tries to pop into all your professor’s office hours at least once before finals roll around. Trust me, getting in to see your professor before the final exam rush will give you extra brownie points with them. It will also give you the chance to double check and make sure you have no missing assignments, check up on any grades that haven’t been posted yet, and see what score you might need on the final to get the grade you desire.

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Check for summer job opportunities on campus:

Jobs on campus can be hard to come by, but if you have decided to take summer classes, then getting a campus job might be easier to score this time around.  During the summer time, campus population greatly decreases but (most) campus jobs still need to be filled. Even if summer applications haven’t been posted yet, still ask around campus for a job that interests you. Waiting around for applications to be posted will mean everyone now knows about the job opening and you want to stay ahead of the crowd. The campus gym, academic office, and certain dining options will definitely remain open during the summer time. Being on campus for summer classes (or living close to your school) might increase your chances of being hired.

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It’s time to grind:

Now that spring break is over the main thing you must be doing is grinding! It’s time for you to buckle down and fully focus on finishing out this school year on a good note. Is it possible for you to bring a 48% to a strong 98% with the little bit of time left in the semester?

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Ummmm, I’m unsure about that. But it is very possible for you to bring a B to an A or a C to an B before the school year ends. Now is not the time for you to miss a class or forget about a quiz. Every point matters and you want to get all the points you can before finals approach. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your professors for extra credit assignments (if you think you need it).

I know that this time of the school year many of us can feel like we have nothing left to give. However, you’ve made it this far and you have what it takes inside of you to end this semester with grades you are truly proud of. So don’t give up now and remember

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