Style Starts With You

Style starts with you!

When growing up it can be very hard when you are getting dressed because things don’t look right on you and you think it’s so old to wear. Well screw that, and just take a second to think about how you can revive your outfit or style it in a different way. Get dressed for what you are doing for that day.

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Finding your style can be a little hard to grab. Your style never stays the same. As you grow so does your style. Don’t be close-minded when you are trying new things or you might miss out on something that looks good on you!

If you don’t care about how you look, no one else will. Appearance is everything because it is the first thing people see on you. It’s how people judge until they hear you speak. Don’t ever it take yourself too seriously, have fun when getting dressed!

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If you know for a fact that you don’t like polka dots then by all means don’t wear polka dots. But… Don’t let change be the reason why you still dress like you are in 2005. Our environment controls how we look because the social norms are a little hard to break when it’s you against the community. Be the person that goes against grain and actually express how you feel about everything. Someone will agree with you, and that person can influence you FOREVERRRR!


What is your personal style? What are some trendy ways you go about switching it up and having fun with your fashion? Let us know below

~Jamal Bull

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