Summer Classes: Making the Most Out of Summer School

Summer school can always be a drag because your friends are back at home chilling, the university is seems like it’s dead because no one is around, and you’re just second guessing why did you really decide to come to summer school.

First off give yourself a pat on the back for taking that extra leap in your collegiate career to get ahead!

Spending your summer getting those extra credits isn’t as bad as it seems, here’s how to make the best out of going to summer school.

Get your life together.


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Sometimes the fall and spring semesters can get overshadowed by a heavy work load, extra-curricular activities, and partying that your life may actually…not be in order. Being alone and not having so much work gives you time to sit down and plan out your life plan.  Buy two different journals, one for your thoughts and one for goals. Write down some goals you want to accomplish for the next semesters and express some feelings that you need to get off of your chest.  College is all about finding yourself and writing things down can definitely bring some order to your life.

Work out. 

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Since you have so much time and the gym is more empty that usual, work out! Whether you’re trying to buff it more for the ladies or lift that booty for your man, with working out you have nothing to lose.  Since summer school classes end in the middle of the day, schedule a couple workouts in your week to come back in the fall turning heads!


Get to know your professors/advisers. 

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Getting to know your professors and your adviser in your major is crucial to your college experience because they can assist you with everything.  After class just take some time to sit in some offices of your favorite professors and your adviser to really get to know them! What school did they attend? What was their college experience like? Where are they from? Building lasting relationships with professionals at your university is important because you’ll always have a friend, mentor, and a reference.

Find new friends.


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Usually summer school is filled with a bunch of different types of people that you wouldn’t normally talk to or hang out with.  This is a good time to get to know other people outside of your clique that you are always with during the semester. Be the one to ask your study group if they would like to have a pot luck game night or to go out for drinks after that test!

Having that constant thought of why did I sign up for summer school can be very annoying but if you think outside of the box when trying to survive, you can most definitely make the most out of attending summer school this summer!

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