Summer Of The Lips -Lipstick Shades and Tips

For the summer, it can get kind of tricky figuring out what shade of color lipstick to wear, but I’m here to help you. Your lips for the summer should be all about fun and being playful. Just in case if you have a hard time, remember that summer is bright and fun and so should your lips be, but it’s also ok to play with those darker shades for a sexy evening summer look.

Here are 10 tips to improve your lips and keep them looking good.


1. Treat your lips like you would your face. Remove makeup, exfoliate, moisturize. Repeat.

2. Timing is everything. If you’re having casual drinks or dinner with your friends before a big night out, wait to put on your lipstick. You won’t constantly be worrying about messing it up while you eat (which is the worst).

3. When playing up your lips, keep your eye makeup minimal. Makeup is like a balancing act, pick one feature and go big.

4. Find the right color. Not all hues are created equal, at least for you. Different skin tones work better with different shades, so try a bunch on and choose wisely—a good lipstick is a forever kind of thing.

5. Use a primer. Think super staying power through your meetings, lunch, and happy hour drinks.

6. Liner can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Find the right lip liner and it’ll stop your lipstick from feathering throughout the day. Go for a clear lip pencil. It’s silky smooth and compliments every lip shade.

7. Start in the middle. Begin applying lipstick at the center of your lips and move outward. That way, you’ll be less shaky when it comes to the outer lines of your lips. Less shaky = fewer mistakes.

8. Highlight along your cupids bow. As well as, along the middle of your lower lip. The small touch will reflect light and make your lips look nice and plump.

9. Take it off before you go to sleep. The only bad thing about having a clean, white pillowcase? That baby is a lipstick magnet!

10. Always give yourself a day off. Let your lips stay natural for at least one day a week and so you can slough off dead skin cells, moisturize, and have one glorious morning to sip coffee sans lipstick stains.

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