Super Bowl LI Houston “Did Houston Sacrifice More To Host?”


Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, announced Houston will receive $350 MILLION from the Super Bowl and Super Bowl activities, as reported in the Houston Chronicle. How much of that money is going back to the communities? How much is going into the rebuilding of our neighborhoods, actually fixing the pot holes, or helping our education systems?

Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PWC) conducted a study that estimated $190 million will be generated which is significantly lower than Mayor Tuner’s estimate. Is Mayor Turner giving us alternative facts?

Another interesting fact comes from a local Houston ABC 13 reporter, Ted Oberg. During one of his Ted Oberg Investigates segments, he unfolds the secrets of hosting Super Bowl in Houston. The National Football League somehow saved more than spending for this year’s Super Bowl in Houston, see below.

  • Super Bowl was ruled as a non-profit event since Texas is a tax-exempt state. If the NFL paid sale tax it would have estimated from $5.5 to $8 million that could have gone towards city and state budgets.

  • Free lodging. Forbes estimated that NFL teams averaged $91 million, but lodging for everyone associated with the NFL this past weekend totaling $609,000.

  • Free parking! Only 11,000 parking spaces available and sold for $100 each, but the NFL only paid for parking attendant’s wages.

  • Rent free for the use of the NRG Stadium. To rent the NRG stadium it would which cost $25,000 per day and Houston missed out on $525,000 over three weeks.

  • Houston/Texas taxpayers basically paid 42% of every dollar spent for the Super Bowl


Rico Campo, the chairman of the Houston Super Bowl Host states “the NFL is a business and the NFL is trying to do what most businesses do, which maximize their revenue.” It seems as though Houston was more interested in showing off for the country than safeguarding citizens’ tax dollars. While numbers are still being calculated to determine the actual economic impact from the Super Bowl, Mayor Turner says this was a “positive impression” for Houston.


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    February 16, 2017 at 4:48 PM

    Great and informative article!
    Keep on writing cousin!!!!
    Enjoyed reading your article,
    I was a resident of Houston years ago!

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    April 30, 2017 at 4:23 PM

    With tears of joy, as always (23) years I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND WITHOUT A DOUBT, I LOVE YOU . BLESSED GENIUS

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