SZA Brings New Black Girl Anthems

If you attend an HBCU, party, or even just turned on the radio. It is likely that you have heard at least one song off of SZA’s CTRL album. SZA, born Solana Rowe, grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey, was used to being one of the only black girls in the room. She is such a free spirit and a beautiful young woman.

Sza has had a transforming year for her career. She has been in the forefront of media regarding her music. She has received love from so many legendary artists like Erykah Badu. Even Beyonce has posted a video using Sza’s “Love Galore” as the background. Of course, as females, SZA’s album really hits home. She touches on situations that we all can feel on a spiritual level and feelings that we’ve kept hidden for so long. Lyrics like “I get so lonely I forget what I’m worth.”

However, beyond all of the love songs and the feelings, SZA’s CTRL album speaks to the black girl as well. Many of us can relate to her even better with songs like “Normal Girl” that explains her urge to feel normal but also realizes that she’ll “never be.” We catch ourselves snapping our fingers, closing our eyes and jamming right with our girl.
“I feel good being a black woman; I’ve always felt good. But to be a black woman right now, it definitely feels like I have back up,” Sza told Complex (2016) Here in 2017, songs like “Anything” and “20 Something” are the new Black Girl Anthems for African-American girls in and approaching their 20s.

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