The Collegiate Glow Up: Leveling Up

The spring 2017 semester has kicked off at various universities and the 12th class day has or will be approaching soon. Which means you will need to utilize your skills to navigate through the pressure to achieve your ultimate collegiate glow up. But to level up requires a bit more.

At this point in your collegiate career it’s time to be honest with yourself; evaluate your strengths and weakness as a college student. Ask yourself these important questions and be realistic. Are you taking your classes seriously? Are you utilizing your time wisely? Are you involved in extracurricular activities that will help you gain experience in your major? How are you shaping your personal collegiate environment? Evaluating all these aspects of your collegiate life will help you level up.

Are you taking your classes seriously?

Essentially what type of student are you? The mindset that academics come first above all else is highly essential. Academics are the sole purpose for your being in college; to advance your education to ultimately live a better accommodated life. You should know how you operate in classroom by now. By knowing your specific learning style you can adjust to the class, and even make a class schedule that best fits you. Which means knowing if you are a successful 12 hour student or an 18 hour student. This is determined by also looking at your study habits outside the classroom as well. For every 3 hour credit class you take your should be studying/review curriculum for 3 hours a week outside the classroom to effectively retain information.

Are you utilizing your time wisely?

Think about if you are usually early, on time, or typically late to class or other obligations you have on your respective collegiate campus. Knowing your internal clock’s sense of time is key. You should be able to tell if you require multiple alarms to wake you up in the morning. On the flip side, if you just naturally know it is time to begin your day and set an alarm as a precaution. Blocking off times for responsibilities such as class, organizations, meetings, etc. can help in this area. Doing this will help put what’s urgently important and requires most of your time throughout each day into perspective. If you see you’re giving too much time to something that is not necessarily good for you then it is time to reset your clock get your time back on track.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities that will help you gain experience in your major?

Extracurricular activities are just that, extra. Remember to focus on academics and other responsibilities first and fit extracurriculars into open times. Right now on may campuses, an open house of all the organizations on campus are fast approaching. Open house allows you to inquire and learn more about different organizations on campus and find something that fits your interests. A great way to go about extracurricular activities is to join organizations you are passionate about and even have something to do with your major. This is not easy, as there are so many options of different organizations on campus and you may not have time in your schedule that semester. I personally have been able to join organizations in a capacity that utilizes my mass media skills as I am Mass Communications major. This also allows you to actually invest in yourself and your craft all while doing the extracurricular of your choice.

How are you shaping your personal collegiate environment?

Take a look at what/who you surround yourself with daily. Be honest with yourself, and decide if your surroundings have a positive or negative impact on your life. Look at the actions/habits you take daily and figure out if they are actually helping you level up. Look at who you are surrounding yourself with, are these people good for you or simply toxic. The people around you should value their education as much as you and understand that academics come first and turn up later. They should also should be encouraging you on your career path and not downing every positive thing you do. Someone who truly wants the best for you will shine a light on the positive and help you expel the negative out of your life. Sometimes our peers can only do this to a certain extent, but finding a mentor can truly help in this capacity. A mentor can help you grow into better person by guiding you because they were once in your shoes.

You now know how to use your skills to navigate through the pressure to achieve your collegiate glow up and evaluate your progress. Now it is time to level up in your journey to become a priceless diamond.

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Daric Cottingham (ODtheMC) is a young college blogger/vlogger with high interests in the arts, with ambitions to be "the male Oprah of [his] generation." He believes strongly in the mantra, "reach the people, community service through mass media.." He specializes in all aspects of mass media from writing, photography, cinematography, social mead consultation, and so much more.


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