The Key to Surviving an All-Nighter

College students wait until 11:55pm to turn in a Blackboard Assignment that is due at 11:59pm and wait to enroll in classes until the day before the semester begins. The most-widely procrastinated thing that college students wait to do is studying. That is when they’ll grab a Red Bull and their textbook and attempt to pull an all-nighter. Although Red Bull may give you wings, there are more effective ways to get through an all-nighter.

1) Ice, Ice, Baby

Although chewing on ice may not be good for many things, it is good for helping you stay awake. The coldness will keep you alert and the noise the movement of chewing will prevent you from falling asleep.

2) Fruit

A lot of times people will order a pizza and soda to help them stay awake during all-nighters, but it actually does the opposite. Pizza is full of carbohydrates and fat, which actually makes you drowsy and more prone to falling asleep. That is why if you want to stay alert grab yourself a few apples, oranges, and bananas. Fruit contains natural sugar which constantly gives your body energy to study the material to ace your exam.

3) Jumping Jacks

Doing some sort of exercise is one of the most effective ways to help you outlast your all-nighter. You should do an exercise that involves a lot of movement and your entire body, which is why jumping jacks are perfect. It awakens your central nervous system and focuses your mind making you able to study longer.

4) Noise

Without some type of noise it is easier to pretend that your textbook is a pillow and it’s time for bed. To make sure that there is constant noise around you turn on some music, study in public, or put your television on. My personal recommendation is a horror or action movie playing in the background. This is the most helpful because those movies are more likely to make more noise with special sound effects which are impossible to sleep through. Just make sure to have some form of noise to keep you awake.

5) Study Group

Pulling an all-nighter by yourself can be extremely tough because you don’t have anyone to keep you accountable. By studying in a group, if you feel yourself falling asleep you’ll have other people to wake you up. Studying in a group is also beneficial because it adds to the noise level to keep you aware. The best way is to have people that are in your class in your study group. That way you can test each other and make the studying more interactive which will keep you alert.

With these five tips, you’ll pull an all-nighter with no problem.


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I have recently earned my BBA from the University of Houston and I am a native Houstonian. My background is in human resources, so I have an understanding of what motivates people and their actions. As a result of those things, I merge my personal, professional, and college experience to write blogs that everyone can relate to.


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