HBCU Entrepreneurs Launch “The Wave App” For HBCU Students

It is official! A new app was recently released that will change the game for HBCU students all over. This app is called The Wave and you do not want to miss this!


The Wave was made for HBCU students, by HBCU students. It gives us a chance to be our own voice, represent our school, and keep up with HBCUs all over the world. Here are some of the things that The Wave has to offer:

The Wave Magazine (@THEWAVE_Mag): Founded by Kourtney Burney (@KrizzyKourt), is a magazine that is dedicated to broadcasting stories that may go unheard by mainstream media. Every month you can look forward to exciting stories, tips, HBCU news, HBCU beauties, and more!


The Black Bid (@TheBlackBid): The Black Bid is a student market platform that is geared specifically towards the promotion of black made products and apparel. It features many different products made by many different individuals. It is one way that you can support black students and black businesses.


Ori TV (@Ori_Comms): Ori TV features many different videos that are relevant to HBCU students. Have you ever seen the video that was popluar on social media “HBCU Cheaters?” Student remade the hit show Cheaters, but they showed how it would have gone at an HBCU. This video was a production of Ori Communications. Ori TV also includes videos from the AAMU yard show, weight loss tips, The Friend Zone, and more!


Overall, The Wave has a lot to offer. They have partnered with HBCU confessions (@HBCUfessions), so you can now submit your confessions right from the app. They also have a section where students can submit pictures and videos to represent their HBCU and show what they have to offer. If you want to connect with other schools, keep up with news, and represent your HBCU, then The Wave is for you!

Available on the App Store and Google Play

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