What You Should Know Before Your First College Class

college class

college class


What You Should Know Before Your First College Class

  1.  Confirm your course schedule – Classes can sometimes be rescheduled or canceled due to low enrollment before the start of the semester and for other reasons. Check to make sure.
  2. Always check your college email – Professors and university officials often send emails with vital information.
  3. Purchase new/used textbooks – Check for an online syllabus from your professor. It will have the books needed for the semester. Look locally or online for deals.
  4. Purchase and bring supplies to class – I shouldn’t have to say this but some students need to hear this. Be prepared to take notes. Bring your laptop if necessary.
  5. Find out where your class is located – The evening before, take a walk around campus and map out where your classes are located. Especially if your school isn’t a walking campus.
  6. Be prepared to actually start working on the first day
  7. Start taking notes immediately – Assume everything is important and write it all down. The more you get to know your professor, you’ll be able to figure out what information you need to retain.
  8. Be prepared to have homework – Yep… that’s right. The first day of classes mean just that, the first day,  so expect to have assignments that first week of class.
  9. Get to know your classmates – Whenever you have to opportunity network, start a study crew.
  10. Be on time



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