Tips for Meeting the Parents

So, you’ve been exclusively dating the same person for a while and things are starting to get serious. Things are getting so serious that they ask you to come home for the weekend and meet their parents. This is when you’ll instantly be overpowered with anxiety and worries of things that could go wrong. Don’t worry just yet! Here are some tips to make sure you leave a favorable impression when meeting the parents.

1) Bring A Gift
You should never come over someone’s house for the first time without a gift, whether it is a bottle of expensive wine
or a simple candle. Bringing a gift shows that you are grateful to be invited and that you have good manners, which is sure to make the parents like you. So, ask your partner for a list of 5 things that both of his parents like. A lot of times people tend to bring a gift that only the mother likes, but by bringing a gift that they both like you will gain extra brownie points.

2) Offer To Help
By offering to help, it will help you interact with the parents and the rest of the family so that you can get to know them better. That gives you more opportunities to make great impressions on multiple family members which raise the chance of the parents liking you. If the mother prepared a family dinner, then contribute by taking the plates to the kitchen and washing the dishes. If you end up at the family reunion, then ask one of the family members if they need help putting ice on the sodas. Any small contribution will exemplify to the parents that you are an upstanding person that their child should be with.

3) Wear Your Sunday Best
Reach far into the back of your closet and pull out your Sunday best. This is the time that you want to ensure that you look presentable, because an outfit can easily make or break the first impression within moments. You can be an amazing person, but if you walk into his parent’s house with a mini skirt and a crop top, then they won’t care to hear how amazing you are.



4) Be Yourself
A lot of people feel that you should turn into someone else when meeting the parents, but that is the biggest mistake. You have to remember that your partner is bringing you to meet their parents so that they can experience the person that they have decided to be exclusive with. If you show up as someone that you are not, then that defeats the
purpose. You should still have excellent manners, but don’t forget to be yourself.

5) Pre-Interview
Your partner is the secondary source of information for the parents. Use that source to your advantage! Ask your partner questions so that you can know what to expect. Ask them what makes their parents tick, what makes their parents happy, and most importantly what kind of conversation his family has. Some families speak candidly, some speak conservatively, and some speak in the middle. If you know the type of conversation, then you can make sure that you stay within those confines.

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