Tips On How To Prioritize and Stay Creative

I believe that if you Prioritize your daily task then your work load and life will run so much smoother. Especially when you feel like there is a lot on your plate, and you’re not sure if something will get done today. Trust me  I’ve thought about everything I had to do and said “Nah this is too much, I’m not doing all of this today!”


Although, I refuse to admit it (technically I’m admitting it now, prioritizing has helped me stay creative. By following the tips below you all can learn how to manage your time better and Stay Creative at the same time!

Jay’s Tips: Prioritizing & Staying Creative

Prioritize your life

• Define your personal goals.
• Carry a Planner/ Journal ( Keep you list visible).
• Make a Daily list of everything you have to accomplish.
• Categorize your list from most important to leave or by how far you have to travel
• Dedicate 30 minutes (minimum) towards completing one of your goals.
• Use the Calendar app on your phone.
• Set Deadlines.

Staying Creative

• Keep a pen and journal to write down every idea.
• Meditate to clear your mind
• Clean and burn incense
• Go for a walk
• Listen to music
• Dance like no one is watching
• Revisit old work (Art)
• Admire Art
• Go on New adventures
• Take a Walk
• Share what you have and ask for feedback
• Take a nap
• Eat !
• Take risk in every aspect of your life
• Bounce your ideas off your friends and see which one sticks
• Literally put your ideas in a hat pick two or three and create something from it
• Take Breaks
• Drink Tea (warm with honey never sugar)
• Surround Yourself with Creative People
• Remove Negative People
• Get a disposable camera and capture things that inspire you
• Cleanse your space (energy)
• Exfoliate (skin, scalp etc)
• Ask someone what inspired them
• Breath
• Let your thoughts flow good or bad (write them down
• Be Positive!
• Write encouraging notes to yourself
• Workout (increased blood flow helps with creativity)
• Word association (when you see something while your out write down the first word that comes to mind)
• Sing in the shower

I hope this helps you all Prioritize and get over Creative roadblock.


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