5 Helpful Tips To Find The Best Career Path For You

Stuck in your career? Tired of waking up every morning and dreading going to work every day? Ready for something new or change?

Here are 5 great ways to find your ideal career:

1. Brainstorm  – Pull out your note app or an old fashion pen and paper and write down at the top your objective in question form. Then, simply list out 20 answers to your question. For example, you could write What should I be doing with my time and life? Then stay seated for a half hour to an hour coming up with answers to that question. The key to this exercise is coming up with 20 answers – don’t quit until you have 20 answers. You can repeat every day until you get the answer that feels right.

2. Ask 3 People – Our friends sometimes see us better than we see ourselves, or see our talents more quickly. While meeting with one of your friends, mention you are at a crossroads in your life and career. Ask what they think you’d enjoy doing. You might be surprised at how easily they can zero in to your strengths and abilities and report a perfect job area.

3. Google – There are thousands of job boards out there. Research what’s out there. What are people applying for. What different titles do they use to describe the same position. For example if an engineer possible other job titles to research are project engineer, quality engineer, project manager, engineering sales, or even design. Read through the descriptions and know the verbiage each industry uses to describe their jobs and roles.

4. Take a career assessment test – There are several sites on the Internet you might be able to take one of these tests for a fee. They ask you to answer a series of questions about what you are good at, what you like to do, what you prefer doing over what you don’t. If you take one, you will likely see some new exciting areas to explore in your life.

5. Keep a journal – Do you keep a journal? If so, read through, looking for common threads in your writing. Keep your eyes peeled for trends and activities you like as well as don’t like. Talk to your self and see what your truths are to help you discover what you really want to do.

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