Top 10 Hustles For A College Student

As a college student, we all know “the struggle is real” and money tends to get low. Not everybody has the time to work a full-time job and attend school. Some people’s primary focus is school and that’s fine, but you don’t have to be that typical “broke” college student. Listed below are a few side hustles, so get your skills intact and get your coins up!

  1. Hair stylist/barber – Regardless of how broke a college student is a girl will always find the money to get her hair done and a boy is always in need of a fresh fade.

  1. Nanny – College student have kids? Duh! Just like you have class and seminars to attend, so do they and daycare tends to get a little expensive, so if you have the experience and a resume to prove it hello daddy daycare.

3.Tutoring – For once nerds win! It definitely pays to be smart

4. Nails – Attending school in a different state can be hard and leaving your nail tech can be harder, but if you’re a skilled manicurist then you should have no problem gaining a clientele.

  1. Candy/Snack Lady – Everybody tends to get those late night munchies when you’re in need of a study break, so post a list of foods you sale on your door and watch the line grow. Who doesn’t love a good snack?

6. Uber – The struggle of going to college without a car is real. So if you don’t mind the extra mileage             become the campus Uber.

7. Fitness Trainer – With everybody afraid of gaining that “freshmen 15” a personal trainer is just what they need. You can even spice things up and teach Zumba or yoga.

8. Makeup Artist – Living in a dorm full of girls you’re bound to beat a face or two every day if you’re that good, so you know what that means….STEADY INCOME!

  1. Housekeeping – Now we all know how those campus apartments can be, so if you’re up for the challenge of cleaning up those campus parties then housekeeping is the way to go. You’ll get paid at least every weekend.

  1. Phone Repair – You can learn how to repair an iPhone on YouTube, so study all summer long and by August you’ll be in business.


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My name is Miranda Brown. I am a proud Alumna of Tennessee State University class of 2016. I am from Franklin, TN a small town right outside of Nashville. I am very much so an introvert, but I do tend to sometimes come out of my shell as I'm known as the extra-dramatic friend. I love writing and blogging even more. My favorite quote is, "reality is wrong. dreams are real" - Tupac. I'm all about being positive and spreading good vibes.


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