Top 17 Hard-to-believe Truths That Every College Student Must Know

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Graduation is a very crucial point when you complete your formal education and enter the job market to build a successful career. Here are 17 truths that every college graduate must know and understand before entering into the real life.


  1. You Aren’t Guaranteed a Job With Your Diploma: Your diploma reflects that you have completed a particular course successfully, but it does not guarantee any job, internship, or career. It will give you the eligibility to apply for jobs without any assurance.
  2. You’re just a Recent Grad for Your Employer: Your potential employer sees you as a recent graduate who needs a job. If you want to differentiate yourself from other recent graduates then create a promising application and resume to make your employer believe that you’re the one.
  3. Someone with Real-world Experience always gets preference: It’s time to hone skills required for the job, as you cannot compete with someone who has a practical experience with your theoretical knowledge.
  4. You May Have to Live Frugally for a While: A recent grad earns around $16.99 according to CNNMoney, which is 8% lower than in 2007.
  5. Be Brief to Survive:  The world is fast-paced and demands you to be more fast and concise. You got enough time to understand and act during your four years diploma course, but you won’t get that much time anymore
  6. Make a Short, but impactful Resume: Being a college student or recent graduate, you do not require two pages to list your career achievements. Prepare the best one-page resume and save your employer’s time.
  7. Every Job Opening has at least Three unemployed Applicants: Therefore, think creatively, and build an impressive application to grab the attention of your potential employers.
  8. Provide Information in the Right order: Always start your resume with relevant skills, job experience, and then your academic details. Put your skills and experience to the top, so that employer can read that at first glance.
  9. Your Diploma Can Never Show Off Your Skills or Knowledge: It just speaks about the basic knowledge that you’ve gained during graduation.
  10. You First Job Will Not be Your Forever Job:  Don’t be too choosy when getting any job offer. If you find it as a good opportunity, go for it.
  11. Showcase Your Attribute Effectively: Try to demonstrate your attributes using some story or situation to help the  employer gauge your qualities better.
  12. Start Believing in Direct Action: Just forget texting, Twitter, or email. The real world has no time to wait for any response. Instead, pick up the phone and call.
  13. Go Beyond the Boundaries to Stand Out: Unemployment for 18 to 29 year olds is 15.8 percent according to US today. So, if you do not want to be included in this figure, think creatively. Always write a thank-you note and send to your potential employer after a job interview within 24 hours.
  14. Location Should Not Be A Restriction: You do not have to live in the most popular or best city to get a job. Instead of waiting or shifting, try to create an opportunity in your location.
  15. Show Your Interest in  the Job to Be Selected: If you want your employer to take an interest in you, then you should first show your keen interest in them.
  16. Be prepared, confident and Firm to Mark Your Presence: With a right attitude, degree, and confidence, you can get any entry-level position you want.
  17. Always wear a great smile to enjoy the beauty and power of your youth.


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