The Top 10 People You’ll Meet in College

A huge part about your college experience is the places you’ll go, things you’ll learn but also the people you will meet. It is a melting pot of different personalities all good and some bad. But either way, all of these people will shape your college experience in some way.

Let’s explore the top 10 people you’ll meet in college.

1. The friend with all the connections


We all know this person on campus. And if you don’t, you should. They’re the person you call when the university sells out of event tickets, or you need a parking pass for the low low. They always have the hook up! They are usually very social and “in the know” and can be found hanging out in the student center (eating for the free of course because they’re cool with the lunch lady) or somewhere making moves happen and can only be reached via text. Not a fan of users so establish a real friendship that’s not 1-sided and you’ll never have to worry about those long lines again. Win!

2. The “Take No Ish” Professor


Mean Ass! Just kidding. But this will be your hardest professor. Not because the tests are tough or because of the massive amount of homework, its that you can’t figure them out. They lack personality so it makes it hard to establish a connection or squeeze extra time for assignments out of them for that matter. Just make sure you study your syllabus, keep track of your attendance, study and turn in assignments on-time! And you’ll be good.

3. The live-in faculty member

couch black man

Aren’t you like 30 already?! You’ll know they have been there a while because of how packed their room is. Some will even have curtains and Ikea Furniture making their campus dorm feel more like home. Actually they aren’t too bad, but if anything goes down they will be the first ones to the scene or shutting down the “loitering” on the yard atfter midnight.

4. Your Bestfriend(s)


If you’re lucky, you’ll meet your bestfriends in college. These are those lifelong friends. The ones that are more like sisters and brothers than a friend. As you grow and your lives change, and you continue to learn yourself, the people that are fortunate enough to be apart of that will remain in your life forever.


5. The Super Greek

ESPY omegas

You’ve seen them on campus. Probably decked out in too many pieces of their favorite color, which of course is of their fraternity/sorority. Most of them roll deep and rarely have any friends outside of their organization. They’re the ones that will interrupt your fun house gathering with a party line.

6. The person who’s going places


There is just something about this person. The way they carry themselves, have that thirst for knowledge or their involvement on campus. You can’t quite figure it out. But, what you do know is they’re going places and will do great things. They don’t have to be the top student or the most popular. You will know this person because of the impression they leave when they are around. Look out for them. People with this aura are inspiring and great to be around.

7. Your first college love


Need I say more. If you’re lucky you will marry this person. If not, you will still be lucky enough to learn your first love lesson in college. Whether good or bad, love is always a great feeling. Be open to it. Many people find their mates in college.

8. The Party Girl


Fun to be around at the beginning of the party, babysitting by the end. This is your fun drunk friend that has no filter and has not realized her alcohol limit. You love to hang out with her but you are constantly embarrassed dragging her out of the party or holding her hair back from vomiting. They can be seen with sunglasses and Advil at 8 am class.

9. The Person that’s always fighting


Here they go again ruining another party. After the first few, you won’t even have to ask “Who’s fighting” We all know! Probably was the class clown in highschool and now the big bully in college. Sit down clown. Be mindful of your interaction with these type of people. One bad night could end your whole college experience.

10.  Your True Self


The most important of them all. Your True Self. Learning YOU will be a vital part of your college experience. It’s not enough to just exist. You must grow and pay attention to how you change, your likes, wants, what you tolerate and what are deal breakers. You will start to understand yourself more and sometimes it can be scary. But scary is good when change and growth is around the corner.

What are some of the other personalities you’ve seen in college? Leave us a comment!

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    March 15, 2017 at 4:13 AM

    You are right. I met the first love of my life in college:)

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