Top Clothing Essentials for your College Wardrobe

Being in college is a big deal in your life especially being at a new  school and learning the ropes of your campus. Your style speaks for miles before you even open your mouth. But having those essentials for your college wardrobe can help make college fun and stylish with some classic style pieces. Check out our top choices below.

  • Black Suit: You will have presentations, and interviews throughout the school year, so its good to have your black suit ready.
  • White Shirt: Easy to wear and dress up or down. You may wake up late, but still want to look presentable throughout the day. It also goes great with the black suit.


  • Tennis shoes: Versatile and comfortable for walking, working out or a lazy day shoe.
  • Black & Blue jeans: Great to have both and you can never have too many pairs, trust me!
  • Black Belt: People go without wearing a belt, but you can focus on 10,000 other things than pulling up your pants or your shirt down every 2 minutes
  • Denim Jacket/Hoodie: I’m telling you class maybe too cold one day. Also Fall/Winter are right around the corner
  • Sweater: For days of wanting to feel preppy and ivy league striving


  • For Her: The Little Black Dress & Black Pumps. Coco Chanel made this statement piece for the college girl too!
  • Leather Jacket: It is an essential if you want to be more stylish and different from the denim
  • Watch: Time management is one of the biggest things in college, you need access to it all day and night
  • Book bag: You should have this already, right? RIGHT!
  • For her : Ballet Flats: You probably already have flats, but the ballet style makes its more chic36017_BK0001
  • Navy Blazer: Easy and quick to dress. I can’t stress enough how a blazer works with almost everything. Check back soon for my How -To.
  • 1312275903-36288400
  • For him: Loafers: easy to wear with almost anything.
  • For him: Dress shoes/dress socks
  • For her: White blouse
  • For him: White Shirt
  • Cardigan
  • CONFIDENCE is the biggest and most important college wardrobe essential for any student. Build up your confidence and once you have no one can’t take it from you.


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