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Hey, everyone! Happy Sunday! Hopefully, you all are relaxed, in great spirits and getting prepared for Monday and a productive work week. I know I am. I always try to end my Sunday’s with a peaceful heart and mind—because we all know Monday’s come hard and we have to be prepared. Anyway- I’m writing this post to talk about two powerful things that seemingly go hand-in-hand in some form or fashion. HBCU’s and Social Media. The TOP 6 Instagram pages to follow. Now anyone who knows me, knows I am an HBCU Maniac. HBCU’s are life, and I will spend the rest of my life fighting for them and offering my talents to them via various outlets. Social media can sometimes become too much and I have to take a moment to breathe, but at the end of the day, in 2017 the power of social media is CRAZY. And if you are not using it as a platform to benefit you in at least one way than you’re a little behind the curve. Sorry. Just saying. People who have a true passion for HBCU’s understand that it is a lifestyle. People you associate with, organizations you are a part of and causes you give to tend to, in some way be connected to a person, situation, or relationship that came to you through your experiences being affiliated with HBCUs. If you’re a member of the HBCU community and you’re not following all of the pages below then you’re missing out on important HBCU news, events, and resources!! Follow the Instagram pages below PRONTO:

HBCU-Buzz: HBCU Buzz is the “Leading Source of HBCU News, Sports & Entertainment” servicing each of the 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Founded in 2011, The Buzz provides news relevant to HBCU campuses. It is an outlet to inform prospective and current students, alumni, family, and friends of relevant news, challenges, opportunities, and achievements surrounding Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The Buzz is a brand founded and owned by L & Company. I happen to be a contributing writer for HBCU-Buzz, so make sure you stop over there to read some of my work. Shout-out to my good friend Luke Luwal! Follow them at: @hbcubuzz Followers: 116K

HBCU DIGEST: HBCU DiGEST is “HBCU News| Commentary| Interviews| Features- The Heart of the HBCU Community”. This platform has a bit more of a grown-up feel if you will and tends to cater to those 5 years post grad and up from what I’ve gathered. I love this platform because it has some pretty awesome contributing writers. One of my colleagues, Autumn Arnett who is an amazing education reporter and editor and my mentor, Dr. Tashni-Ann Debroy, President of Shaw University top the list! Check out HBCU DIGEST on Instagram at: @hbcudigest Followers: 19.9K

Hours spent in your dorm room practicing #bfgoals #lsgoals #sistergoals #solange #beyoncé

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CampusLately: Of course I couldn’t complete this article without listing one of my favs—CampusLately! S/O to 2 past graduates of Prairie View for their vision and leadership! features national content on Campus Life, Style, College News, Entertainment, Relationships, Health & Fitness, and Career Development, written entirely by current and former top college journalists from 30+ college/universities nationwide. I am proud to be a contributing writer for CampusLately. It has been a pleasure to see it grow, even in the short amount of time I’ve been affiliated-remember when we talked about the power of social media? BOOM. Follow CampusLately on Instagram at: @campuslately Followers: 17.8K


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HBCU Pride Nation: HBCU Pride Nation is making a comeback via Social Media and in my opinion has always been a top platform for HBCU’s-Of course the HBCU community is small and anybody who is somebody knows somebody who’s linked to somebody—lol but there are still those platforms that sort of reign supreme as it relates to having a social media presence and HBCU-Pride Nation is definitely one. HBCU-Pride Nation was started by a North Carolina A&T graduate and seeks to spread news and bring awareness to the HBCU community. Send them your post and DM’s at: @hbcupridenation
Followers: 76.3K

Divah_Filez: Diva_Filez is another HBC brand to follow. They have been around for 3 years now. The site is ran completely by Students. They focus on HBCU News, Music, Fashion & The “Buzz.” Not to mention the new app they are rolling out this year. The Divah_Filez is also taking over ATL this weekend Jan 27 at the Battle of Bands with a few events you should most definitely check out. Followers: 54.5K

YardTalk101: It’s amazing to have seen the growth of this platform over the past few years. I met the Founder and CEO while I was working at Livingstone College a few years back, so I’ve been able to witness what hard work and persistence truly looks like. S/O to Jahliel Thurman -a Virginia State University graduate and communications major on his vision. YT101 travels to HBCU’s all over the world and gets the most “lit” event on camera. Jahlil interviews everyone from the SGA President to the Campus Queen, staff, and various others The focus of YardTalk101 is to help increase enrollment and control retention through a platform that instills pride in HBCU students. Send YardTalk your DM’s on Instagram at: @yardtalk. Hit them up if you’re interested in having them come to your school! Followers: 9,227

Caption This. 💭💭

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HBCU-Talent: So I’ve got the scoop on an up and coming HBCU platform that’s going to change the game on HBCU jobs. Even though they don’t have a lot of followers they post really cool tips and photos so I love it. The founder is an HBCU grad and she’s really passionate about making sure that HBCU’s are staffed by people who truly care for their existence. She’s created an exclusive place just to find HBCU jobs! HBCU-Talent is a talent connection tool that links HBCU HR Departments with top talent around the world. Think-Higher Ed Jobs.Com for HBCU’s. HBCU-Talent is set to officially release sometime in the early Spring. For now, visit their Instagram page at: @hbcutalent Followers: 654


I would be remiss if I failed to at least mention the other HBCU platforms out there. After all, I believe that in the HBCU community it is all about support and taking care of each other. We are a small niche and we have to promote each other and show love. Follow these other Instagram pages-If I left anyone out please don’t be mad at me just reach out and let me know and I’ll be sure to remember you next time.

For HBCU news, events, photos, and videos follow:



@ hbcuconnect










Feel free to comment any Instagram pages I didn’t mention in the comments section! Y’all have a good week!



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