Trusting The Process: The Natural Hair Edition

Phase One : The Big Chop 

Congratulations you did it or maybe you’re contemplating it, but either way, it goes you’re enduring one of the most liberating acts a woman can ever do and that’s accepting your truth. You made it through the tears, the doubt, and if you’re like me you finally made it through the big reveal and found that beautiful thing deep down inside of you called self-confidence. So… Now what do you

                                                                         Phase Two : TWA Experiments

When you first big chop is the best time for experimenting, you’re meeting your hair for the first in probably a very long time so you have to figure out what works best for it. Start making weekly hair care routines, trying new products, and don’t be afraid of colors, or even different kinds of cuts and designs and always remember BIOTIN is your BEST FRIEND. This is the make or break stage because at this point you’re setting the standard for your fresh new hair and just like anything new, if you don’t give it that tender love and care it needs it won’t flourish or grow.

 Phase Three :  The Real Test of Faith


This is the phase where your hair is starting to grow out, but not quite yet where you want it to be. You’re probably 6 months to a year in on this natural hair journey and You cant quite do what you used to do when you first big chopped. It seems like your hair never wants to cooperate. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products that seem to not work. You’re all out of protective style options to try perms, texturizers, a blow out, oor reallyanything at this point is sounding better than this tired baby fro, but CAUTION!!! Whatever you do DON”T GIVE IN. Keep trusting the process and just find a way to make this stage work for you and still stay natural.

Phase Four : Curls For The Girls

This is the hardest phase to reach because it can take anywhere from months to years to finally reach the big fro, puff puff stage, but once you do you’ll finally know for real that it was all worth it. You’ll hopefully be no longer contemplating reverting back to the creamy crack, and no longer crying in the mirror because you think you look like a twelve year old boy. Your curls will be flourishing, and falling naturally and effortlessly, but don’t abandon your routines and keep taking care of your hair and continue trusting the process.


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