Tuskegee Alumn Kalauna Carter Is Empowering Women One Kolor At A Time with KolorsbyK

At Campus Lately, we have a College Entrepreneur series where we want to honor and recognize some of the young entrepreneurs that are making a name for themselves.

Let’s meet Kalauna Carter, a recent HBCU graduate from Tuskegee University and native of Portland, Oregon, who is painting the world one “kolor” at a time. Ms. Carter is the founder and CEO of KolorsbyK, “an environmentally friendly, FDA approved Nail Polish Company whose mission is “empowering all women from the outside in, one Kolor at a time.” She has proven that turning your passion into a business is the epitome of the Confucius’ saying, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kalauna Carter of KolorsbyK and my first reaction of Ms. Carter was that she is very passionate about her work, down to earth, and love to support her community. Here are some excerpts from our recent Q&A:

Q: Tell me three things that would describe you.

A: “Extremely passionate” If someone tells her she can’t, she will say “Watch me, I’m going to do it anyways”

KolorsbyK was founded in July 2016, shortly after graduating, sitting at her friend’s house. She knew she wanted to do something and first came up with the idea of a mentoring program.  After going home that night, she still felt like something just did not feel right so that very night KolorsbyK was created.

Transparent”  “I know if I treat my customers the way I would want them to treat me”

She takes into consideration, that she is a consumer as well and knows that customers want their product now. She is very customer-oriented and personal with her customers. As I set up this interview with Kalauna, I also purchased one of her nail polish, “Dream” and she knew my order based on paying attention to detail with her customers. It’s still a business


Passionate about the Black community”

During an HBCU college tour, Kalauna knew she had to get to an HBCU after visiting Grambling State University to “get an experience being around my people.” With her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and currently obtaining her Masters in Environmental Management at Tuskegee University, she is very passionate about the environment and helping all communities. With KolorsbyK, Kalauna not only brings us amazing, different colors of nail polish, but also she is teaching others about the health concerns of the chemicals in nail polish. All of the nail polishes at KolorsbyK are free of five chemicals that cause cancer and environmentally harmful:  Camphor, Toulene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resins, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Q: How do you balance school, work, and your business?

A: “I know everyday I have to work, that’s a set schedule. When I come home, I start my homework then go to the gym. If homework is not complete, then finish that up and start working on KolorsbyK. But that’s means I have to go to bed a certain and get up by a certain time. It’s a very strict schedule, but I figured for me right now my focus in on the Kalauna brand. There’s nobody that I can call,” because it is a one-woman show at the KolorsbyK headquarters.  So, for now, I’m like “God give me the strength and the courage, and just the drive to keep going.” My business is a top priority for me, but it’s like I have three top priorities: School is very important, my job is very important, and my business is important as well. So I think knowing that they all have a high importance to me, it just naturally [makes me] realize that I have to have a balance between the three.

Q: How did you feel when you made your first sale?

A: OMG!!! Someone actually bought something that I made. My business is completely opposite of me” because a majority of my work is outside so when I started my polish business, I actually make something that someone is going to wear. It’s like when clothing designers make stuff and people with big names wear it and I’m like OMG!!!


Be sure to check out KolorsbyK website and social media platforms:

Website: kolorsbyk.bigcartel.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kolorsbyk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KolorsbyK/

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