Wakanda Greatness is Helping STEM Grow


Thanks to Black Panther and Black Excellence, Walt Disney is donating $1 million dollars to help open new STEM centers across the nation. The success of Black Panther so far has been staggering, as the movie’s status as a cultural event has helped elevate it to new heights at the box office.

Expected to reach $1 billion dollars worldwide next weekend, Part of the movie’s success is undoubtedly due to the superb crew and cast assembled, with multiple award-winners helping to craft the action film. Add in the Marvel name and the popularity of the character, and Black Panther was also destined to do well. But its atypical setting for a blockbuster and focus on African culture – paired with a majority black cast and creatives – has given many people around the world a film like they’ve never seen. And when it comes to young people, the character of Shuri in particular has become a huge inspiration for those interesting in science and technology.

Black Panther ends on a scene of T’Challa telling Shuri that Wakanda will be reaching out to the world, which will include her leading a science initiative from a new facility in Oakland, CA. Oakland is also where director and co-writer Ryan Coogler grew up, so the move has some key connections to the movie. The money will also help centers open in Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Harlem, NY; Hartford, CT; Memphis, TN; New Orleans, LA; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; and Watts, CA.

The Walt Disney Company will help life imitate art and will be donating $1 million to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, so that the organization can expand its STEM program. STEM programs have been a great way to get kids into those fields and help lead future innovation. Schools and private organizations have been increasing their focus on STEM over the years, especially when it applies to underprivileged kids who may not have access to the same resources and halls of knowledge as those who typically go into the fields. Disney’s donation will see BGCA expand their own STEM initiative, which will also see them build facilities all over the world.

It’s truly amazing that Black Panther has done so much for the culture and community in so little time, Disney donation for the better of these young children’s lives is so heart warming! Not only do they get to see a great movie but they gain role models and a sense of “I can do that too, I want to be like him/her”.

Representation matters, giving back to our communities in the form of art, movies, buildings, time, donations etc. is building and leaving a better legacy for the next generation! WAKANDA FOREVER


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