Wayment: A White Professor at Howard University Holds A Live Slave Auction

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have, since its establishment, been a safe haven for black students. Some may say they have never had to deal with racism in this environment which is part of the reason they chose to attend an HBCU.

That is until Caged Bird Magazine, reported the live slave auction held by one of the University’s white professors last week.

The professor discussed the slave trade, telling students to stand up and that they looked  “healthy” and “like the type of slave buyers would look for.” The white professor began to examine two black boys as if they were at a live auction and a piece of meat.


A student in the class commented on the event stating, “It is interesting how in the confines of an HBCU, racism is still present,”

A few students told the professor to stop in which he didn’t. Stating that “It’s O.K., I’m uncomfortable too; I’m white,” reports Caged Bird Magazine.

Many of the students said they were merely in shock. The professor went on the tell the other students to examine the boys teeth, arms, legs and even made sexual references regarding their buttocks.

I cannot make this up.

We do not have to reenact history to be taught it.

Read the full story at Caged Bird Magazine and comment your thoughts below.



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