Ways To Bounce Back: I DIDN’T MAKE THE LINE!

It’s the fall semester at school and all of the Greeks are out representing for Back to School Week. You’ve done a little research, showed up to some of the events, and expressed interest in joining your favorite organization with high hopes. Unfortunately, the spring semester has come and suddenly you see a flyer that left you in shambles. You attend the probate, feel uneasy about being there, and begin to question “Why did they choose *inserts name* when I know I’m better than them.” Listen, all hope is not lost. If you didn’t get selected, chances are you might need to improve on one of the keys below. Here’s how to bounce back and finally make the line.




Greek life may appeal to you for social purposes, but please keep in mind that it is also a business. Once you join, you represent the organization in both facets so treat it as such. Evaluate your brand before you try to join the organization. Ask your closest friends about your reputation on campus. You should also ask yourself the following questions: How am I viewed by my peers? What will someone say about me when I’m not around? Do your due diligence because the chapter you plan to join will be doing the same. The worse feeling of any chapter is to see their name on Greek Shenanigans for something terrible. If selected, you are representing their brand as well.  


Outside of your personal brand, dress accordingly. You’ve probably heard this gem before but “Image is Everything.” Your appearance can speak volumes for you before you utter one word. As stated earlier, greek organizations have a social aspect that’s equal to the business side. Your potential chapter does not want to be known for having a bad fashion sense or wearing the same clothes every day. Fix the problem before you try to join the organization. Please keep a clean appearance at all times.


Hopefully, you were following this method from the start. Portraying someone else will only lead to regret for both parties once you join. Either you won’t like them or they will lose trust in you which can cause a rift in the chapter. Trust is the foundation of any brotherhood or sisterhood. If done correctly, you will find that you share similar interest with members of the chapter. Similar interest will be your gateway to building a relationship with some of the members which will help you in the long run.


Progress is the ultimate key in the selection process. Members want initiates that are coachable and get better over time. If you were not involved on campus, join an organization and obtain a leadership position. You should also improve your GPA and perfect your resume for the next rush informational. Lastly, double back and develop a relationship with members of the chapter you might have missed the first time around.


The most obvious tip of all is to just stay committed. By doing so, you are showing the members of the chapter resilience. Resilience is a trait that most chapters hope for while bringing in a new line. You have to keep doing your research, showing up to events, and keeping in contact with members of the chapter. Just remember to be “discreet” while doing so. Discreet is our favorite word in greek life so please implement this in all of your actions. I hope to see you in Greekdom soon.

Stay True. Stay Real. Stay Black. – Trenton | Instagram/Twitter: @TrentonxPratt

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