Weave-ology: My Secret Tricks to Revive Old Hair

No matter what brand or type of hair weave you buy, they all have a limited amount of time that they are proposed to last. There will be a point where it may begin looking brittle, dull, or tangled. Most people decide this is the time to go out and buy new hair, but there are a few methods I use to transform old damaged weave into silky, lustrous hair.

Egg & Avocado Hair Masque

Eggs are normally for breakfast and avocados are normally for guacamole, but not anymore. Ingredients Avocado adds moisture, prevents frizz, and repairs hair damage. The egg hydrates and increases volume, and silken the hair. Both of these together create the best mixture for a hydrating and restorative hair masque.

What You Will Need: ½ Avocado, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. olive oil, blender/whisk, bowl

1) Add ½ of a ripe avocado, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. olive oil in a bowl
2) Whisk/Blend this until it is a smooth, consistent mixture
3) Apply the mask onto clean hair and let it sit 20-30 minutes
4) Rinse the mask out with COLD water (don’t use warm water or else the eggs will cook)
5) Shampoo and condition the hair as usual


Microwave Deep Conditioning

It is a popular method to sit under hair dryers while deep conditioning your real hair because the heat raises the hair cuticles so that conditioner can penetrate deeper. One of the tricks I use on a weekly basis is deep conditioning wigs and weaves in the microwave, because the microwave acts as a hair dryer leaving your hair soft and hydrated.

What You Will Need: Ziploc bag, comb, conditioner (Silicon Mix Conditioner preferred), microwave

1) Apply a lot of conditioner to your extensions
2) Comb through the hair to ensure conditioner is spread evenly
3) Add ½ cup of water into a Ziploc bag to prevent drying the hair out
4) Then, place the hair into the bag and ensure it is sealed
5) Microwave it for 30 seconds
6) Take the hair out of the microwave and flip the hair over in the bag
7) Seal the bag and microwave it for 15 more seconds
8) Let the hair cool down before washing the conditioner out
(For a deeper condition let the hair sit for as long as you’d like)

Bleach Bath Method

This is one of the best-kept secrets of the hair industry, because it is probably the best way to remove tangles and produce a silky texture to your weave. The main two ingredients in the bleach bath are bleach and ammonia, which tends to scare people, but the process is safe if it is done correctly. The bleach prevents the hair cuticles from interlocking which prevents tangling and the ammonia neutralizes the bleach.

What You Will Need: bleach, ammonia, water, shampoo, conditioner, comb, gloves, medium bowl, both sides of the sink (or two bowls)

1) Mix one gallon of hot water with ¼ cup of bleach on one side of the sink
2) Place hair in bleach-water mixture and comb hair while it is submerged for 2-3 minutes
3) Take the hair out of the bleach-water
4) Mix water and shampoo into a separate bowl
5) Comb hair while it is submerged in the shampoo-water mixture for 2-3 minutes
6) Mix 1/4th cup of ammonia with 3 cups of hot water
7) Dip (don’t comb) your hair in the ammonia-water mixture two times
8) Make another shampoo-water mixture in a clean bowl
9) Submerge and comb hair in that shampoo-water mixture for 2-3 minutes
10) Remove gloves
11) Apply conditioner generously
12) Place conditioned hair in a plastic bag
13) Microwave hair for 30 seconds, wait 5 minutes, microwave 15 more seconds

Here is a link to a video of these steps.

Warning: Do not inhale the fumes. Wear gloves at all times. Do not mix the bleach and ammonia. The bath is recommended for human hair only. The hair should not be on your head during the process.

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