What Every Freshman Girl Needs To Know


Freshman year in college. The time of finding yourself, mistakes, trial and error, getting lit, and more. Most importantly, this will probably be the best year of your college career because you’re so young and get to be the fresh girl on campus finding your way in this new step of life.

Using all the hashtags on Twitter and getting your Instagram followers up from those in your class is your biggest concern of the summer next to making friends, wondering how you’re going to decorate your room, and trying to convince your parents you need a wardrobe makeover because you don’t want to “look” like a freshman.

When actuality, those are the least of your worries coming into your first year in college, but no need to freak out because this is what every freshman girl needs to know before stepping on the yard!

From an upcoming senior to the incoming freshman, I’m here to guide you so you’re one step ahead of the game.

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Don’t over pack.

Your dorm room is going to be a lot smaller than your room at home and you’re going to more than likely have to share a space. You don’t want your room to be cluttered plus you want to be nice to your roommate and take up all the space but make yourself comfortable because this is your new home.


Don’t let your parents influence your major.

Major in something that you would love to do and you’ll want to do for the rest of your life. Sometimes your parents want to live through you and want you to chase money but remember, this is your life to live and you’ll have to wake up and go to work at your job, not them.

3656911Pay attention to orientation. 

You need all the information that the orientation leaders are feeding you so take it all in and jot down notes if you have to.  They are there to prepare you for a successful first year so make sure you pay attention.

regina-george-mean-girlsAvoid the “Freshman 15”.

Honestly, it’s hard to not gain weight during your first year because you have to eat straight off of your meal plan but try to make healthier choices.  Eat light lunches and save the heavy eating for dinner, stay away from sweets and overeating, and try to workout a couple days a week.

635979785840880051-1815048023_tvd-college-gif-1439331558Join organizations. 

Joining clubs in high school may seem lame, but in college, this is a different ball game. Joining organizations gives you a chance to meet new people and get some insight on things you’re interested in. Whether it’s related to your major or just a hobby, be a part of something because it’s a great feeling!


Remember you came to college to earn a degree. Make sure you go to class, study, attend seminars, and everything else you need to succeed. All of these new experiences can be overwhelming so don’t forget to “begin with the ending in mind” and keep your goals and education as your first priority.

tumblr_myhda8oshS1rvnnvyo3_250Be aware of your surroundings. 

Since mommy and daddy can’t save you in a heartbeat anymore, you have to learn to take care of yourself. Be sure to choose your friends wisely and make sure you’re always on your P’s and Q’s when it comes to going out. Go with your gut instincts when comes to going out to parties or being in unfamiliar places.

giphyFind your hustle. 

In college, you’re going to be poor. If you’re good at slaying edges, doing nails, photography, or even DIY projects, make that known. People in your dorm and even upperclassmen are always looking for people on campus to help them rather than outsourcing. Advertise your talents and make money!

tumblr_inline_n7reyxQ50m1ror8o2Shop for business.

Now that you’re entering college,  this is the first step into “adulting”. Instead of shopping for tons of new shorts and crop tops to party in, buy some pencil skirts, button down shirts, and flats for business attire. One way to spot freshmen from other classes is by the choice of dress to class.  Leave the clubwear and party clothes for after class hours and just dress like you’re ready to be in front of adults and learn. You can still keep your style, but don’t dress too revealing, some professors will send you home.

6355073312560384322073040237_tumblr_mbbjzecIPv1r31ngfo1_500Boys…they come and they go.

Finding love in college is possible, but it’s not as easy as it seems.  If you thought high school guys all played games and were messy, well welcome to that on steroids. Guys are going to be coming after you simply because you’re a freshman. Use your woman intuition to figure out if it’s real or not, be smart.

Of course, the list can go on and on but these are just some that you may not have known, and the rest you will learn along the way. Good luck in your freshman year of college! These will be the best years of your life so have as many experiences as you can but be safe and remember the advice we’ve given you.

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