Women’s Day 2018 Brings New Barbies

Who do your children look up to? According to a study by Mattel, 86% of mothers around the world were worried about the role models that their daughters were exposed to.

As a result, the company introduced two new lines of Barbie dolls for the kiddos.

One line is tribute to various historical figures and the other is a “Shero” line for contemporary inspirational women.

The hashtag #MoreRoleModels has been the conversation Barbie has started. Barbie is highlighting women who have broken barriers and have high achievements in their perspective fields.


One of the most praised releases was NASA Mathematician and ‘Hidden Figure’, Katherine Johnson.

It is important that we empower the youth of today, especially young women. It is important that they see people that look like them in every aspect of success. Barbie is showing girls nationwide that they can do whatever they put their minds to.

Damica Odom74 Posts

Tennessee State University. Future Fashion Journalist. "God is with her, she can not fail"


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