Why I Won’t Get In Another Non-Serious Relationship

Don’t judge me immediately. I know plenty of people, male and female, who are singing the same song right now. It’s not because we’re heartbroken or even bitter, it’s because we have other things that are preventing us from taking that step.

See, what people fail to realize is behind the matching Nike sweatsuits, and the long posts on social media, relationships are something like a full-time job. What you put in to any relationship is exactly what you will get out. Let me draw it out for you 50% of my day is dedicated to doing something school related (class or homework) the other 20% of my day is dedicated to working, making money to feed and clothe myself. That leaves 30% of my day for me-time, sleep, and whoever else needs nurturing in my life. Would you want a relationship with someone that can only put in 30%? I would hope my schedule is similar (give or take) to that of any other college student. That being said, you only have between 20-40% to give to your partner, which, on a grading scale is an F…minus.

These days there is a thin line between dating and marriage. Almost invisible. Personally, I’d rather not do married people things with someone I am only dating. Joint bank accounts, both our names on the lease, and credit scores tied in with one another, seem like intense predicaments for dating couples. I’d rather not.

Also, we are at that odd stage where the next four years of your life are literally laying the foundation for the rest of your life. At this point, if your intentions are still to date, hop from person to person, or add notches to your belt, don’t even look my way. Dating, to me, is like test driving a car before you buy it. It’s marriage practice. You don’t go hopping in the newest model car, with all the bells and whistles, if you have no intent to buy. As horrible as that example may have been, you still get the point. I don’t want my time wasted. I would hate to be building and preparing to live a certain way, just for you to decide this is getting “too serious.” 

These days, girls feel like they have to have all your passwords even your email, you social security number, and your old girlfriends’ full names in order to trust you. If we’re in a serious relationship, I expect you to respect me and my trust. These days, betrayal in relationships is all too common and I’m not a fan. Guys and girls alike will quickly remind you that you two “aren’t together” or aren’t “that serious” when times get hard. I’d hate to have to get crazy.


The whole point of being in a relationship, is to grow and progress together to something more “serious”. I’m not sure as to why people have relationships hey don’t take serious. Maybe everyone else had girlfriends, or the guy was just really breathtaking, but for me there needs to be an end goal. Have you ever been in a relationship and thought “this is going no where”? I don’t want that anymore.

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