Would You Date A Guy With Potential?

Would you date a guy with potential?

I want to take you all back to one of my favorite shows, “A Different World.” If you haven’t seen it you should definitely take advantage and binge watch on Netflix. In one episode Whitley Gilbert and Dwayne Wayne they had the following conversation:

Dwayne: What kind of husband do you want Whitley?

Whitley: What kind do you think?

Dwayne: Rich

Whitley: I would like a man who is educated, enterprising and ambitious.

Dwayne: So you wouldn’t mind if he was poor?

Whitley: That type of man is never poor.

I say that to say every guy has potential, but some pursue theirs faster than others. We’ve all been there dating a guy who’s living paycheck to paycheck or dating a guy who was doing all the wrong things in life before he met you. I think dating a guy with potential is the best thing going. Sure there are plenty of cons, but there are also some pros.

Cons of Dating A Guy With Potential

1. He may not see the potential in his self.

– You can see all the potential in the world in him and know that his ideas and dreams can manifest into bigger things, but he doesn’t see the bigger picture, which poses as a problem.

2. You may not be able to see past it.

– It was okay in the beginning, but if he just keeps dragging through life and walking through a revolving door then you’re going to find yourself wanting to end things.

Pros of dating a guy with potential.

1. It’s rewarding.

– It’s rewarding to see the finished product of something that took so long to build. Watching something be planted, watered and flourish into something beautiful is an amazing reward.

2. The bond created.

The bond that the two of you will have in the end will be irreplaceable. To stick with someone during their hard times is a lot, but knowing it brought the two of you closer is an indescribable feeling. You’ve seen him at his lowest point and never left his side because you saw the bigger picture and I’m sure any man would be appreciative of that.

We all saw how Whitley wasn’t paying Dwayne any attention at first, but once she saw him in that suit she knew he was a man in progress. Yes, she was slightly interested in him before, but that day she saw his potential.

Some people have different taste and want things to be easy and made perfect already. However, building and working together can be a great asset to any relationship. The key to dating a guy with potential is to not give up and know it’s going to take time. No one is perfect, but instead of nagging and bugging your guy, motivate him. Help him invest in his dreams and be the girl who is beneficial in his life and not a “negative-nancy” because that my dear is how you will lose your man.

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