5 Black TV Moms We All Related To

1 Clair Huxtable

Clair Huxtable and The Cosby Show was always playing in our living rooms. Her stern yet loving character made it easy for us to relate to her. Regardless of her and Cliff’s success, they made sure they taught their children the value of working for what you want. A lawyer, five kids, and a tag team life lesson with her husband, made Clair and her poise that much more respectable.

2 Aunt Viv

“That dark-skinned Aunt Viv love” is still prominent in today’s society. Aunt Viv”s comical yet loving antics gave The Fresh Prince of Bel Air a ‘down-to-earth’ vibe.

3 Florida Evans

Good Times mother. Florida Evans knew how to weather any storm, even the not-so Good Times. She kept a functioning family filled with love even with after the death of her husband.



4 Rochelle

Plenty of the “old school” people out there can relate to a mama much like Rochelle. Growing up in the hood, penny pinching, etc. Rochelle was tough on her kids but only because she knew their potential. Chris knew that as long as his mama was happy, the whole day would go smoothly, most of us know that as well.

5 Cookie Lyons

Cookie is your typical mama with boys; stern but loving. Not many mothers do time for their family but she did and still managed to build her empire alongside her sons. She is far from your traditional mother, but motherly nonetheless. She definitely instilled strong-willed personalities in each of her sons, plus a tad bit of crazy.

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