5 Tips for Finding Your Ride-or-Die Friends In College

After we get over the fact that we are leaving our families behind for college. The next phase of our thoughts is friends. Who will we spend our days with,  what type of people will we meet, and most of all..will we fit in.

We hop in GroupMe’s, hashtag our class on every post, and inbox our roommates hoping to at least know one person by the time we step foot on campus.

The truth is the process of developing friends in college is much like that of college, just on a larger scale. You go from jocks and nerds to jocks and engineering majors.

Here are the best ways to ensure a genuine and life-long collegiate friendship


  1. Be Yourself

A lot of people come to college and try to recreate their image. They believe this is the time to start a new reputation or be the person they weren’t able to be in high school. However, an act will only last for so long. Being yourself will keep you from having to pretend you’re something you aren’t and attract the company that vibes well with your authentic personality.

2.  Find Your Fit

From clubs, to organizations, to Greek life. College has many opportunities to find your fit. These options allow you to connect with people from your hometown and all over the world while birthing life-long friendships. Not only is college filled with possibility for friendship but also for networking with other successful collegiate counterparts.

3. Actually Go To Class

It may seem like a newly discovered phenomenon but going to class is actually essential to college success. Of course, you need to create and maintain positive grades, but this is also a good way to find long-term friends. A lot of times the friends you make in class start with a conversation about yesterday’s notes that leads to two designated seats for me and my homie side by side. Most of the time, the people who you have the most classes with have the same major as you and the sooner you connect with them the better you chances of study partners, another set of notes, and more importantly a trustworthy friend in studies because teamwork does make the dream work.

4. Leave Your Dorm

You are in your room, scrolling past flyers for seminars, poetry slams, and homecoming events on Instagram. Your hair pinned up, favorite PJ’s on, and Netflix is asking you “are you still there” as you binge-watch your show. Don’t be the person that doesn’t go to any events because you “don’t know anyone.” At every school, the opportunity is there. Go to the events that speak to your personality and you are bound to find a friend.

5. Leave Fear Behind

College and freedom go hand-in-hand. Don’t be scared to try new things, foods, and trips. It will seem scary at first but once you find what you like and dislike, you will easily accumulate friends who you don’t know how you ever lived without. The only thing holding you back is you.

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