CampusLATELY 2016 New Year’s Resolutions To Live By (Hewlett-Packard)



I know some of these are really cliché but they’re true!! I want to have the best college experience, make sure I’m fully prepared for the future and take advantage of all opportunities. So while I was sitting around thinking of things to do for fun this New Year’s Eve and started to reflect on the 2015 Fall semester. Although I’ve had a great year academically and socially, I still want to make some promises to myself and do some self-improving for 2014.


Improve my GPA– It could always be better. I could study more, take better notes, build relationships with my professors and administration (more on this topic in a future post) and focus more altogether. Plain and simple.

Call Home More – Sorry Mom. I ‘ll do better.

Don’t Get Sloppy Drunk – Being carried out of the Greek Life party isn’t cute for anyone. You have to learn your drinking limit to keep you and your friends safe. Especially if you’re driving to these events. Lets all do better.

Speaking of Greek Life, Make Sure that Fraternity/Sorority Notices Me – Networking and being involved is important in college and it also makes you stick out above the masses when its comes to pledging an organization. Learning how to effectively network now, also prepares you for whichever career path you choose.

Prepare Resume For Internship – 2016 is just about here and career fair is around the corner. Preparation = success.  Don’t want to wait until the last-minute and end up without a summer internship.

7 Top Careers For College Gradstime management

Better Time Management – This goal could have easily been #1. Time management is so important now that you are in college. Balancing class schedules, work and a social life can get demanding if you don’t take time to manage your life and obligations.

Lose Weight and Eat Right – Healthy living is the trend. I pledge to take better care of my mind, body and soul. That includes eating more vegetables and doing more cardio. It’s easy to become less active in college, especially if you used to play sports, cheer or dance in highschool. Try to find different forms of working out that are fun to do on campus. You can even get a workout buddy and hold each other accountable.

Aerial Arts The Next Trend Workout


Focus More on Me and Less on the Opposite Sex- Guys and girls will be there but that report due date and night to study will go away Fast! There’s nothing wrong with saying you have to study and leaving the “party” early. And if they give you a hard time and don’t understand, maybe they’re not the right for you anyway. Take time for you and handle your business.

Design the Life You Love– Shape your life the way you see it going. Follow your dreams and work hard at becoming the person you want to be.







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