Dating in College: My Week On Tinder

When Tinder first became popular I always said I would never try it. I just had a lot of reservations with the whole idea of it. Due to some of my old-fashioned values concerning relationships, I just could not wrap my head around the idea that my next relationship was a “swipe” away, and after my last relationship, I put dating on the back burner. So, after a little encouragement from my friends to get back out in the dating world and my lack of knowledge in the area of dating with technology, I decided to take on a research experiment. I made a Tinder account and tracked my experiences for a week, just to see what online dating is really about.


Day 1: After downloading the Tinder app, I had to create my profile. I didn’t know exactly what to write in the About Me section, so I just focused on picking the right photo. I wanted to have the guys focus on getting to know me instead of staring at my assets and liabilities, so I picked a simple head-shot. After swiping a few guys, I was enjoying the app so much I convinced my friend to download it. We ended up going to the on campus bar and staying at Margarita Monday for three hours swiping left and swiping right. After the margarita evaporated through my straw and I was matched with a few guys, I was ready to exit the app and go to bed. By the time I got home, I was carrying on full conversations with two guys and more messages were coming in. Let’s just say I didn’t go to bed until the sun was on its way back up into the sky.


Day 2: Walking around campus had never been so intriguing until I downloaded Tinder. It was very interesting seeing everyone in person that I saw on Tinder. I hid from guys that I swiped left to and I awkwardly walked past guys that I swiped right to.  I felt so exposed, because just like I saw their profile, they probably saw mine too and I was scared of what they were thinking. After my classes, I quickly sped back to my apartment to get away from the reality of Tinder. This was all new to me, and I was not adjusted one bit. Once I got home, I went straight to my bed and started swiping more profiles. The app was becoming more and more addicting with each person I swiped right and matched with. It was like a game of seeing how many guys can I match and have conversations with. By the end of Day 2, I was obsessed with Tinder and was highly considering keeping the app past the five day duration of the research experiment.


Day 3: Just as quickly as I considered keeping Tinder past the experiment, I considered cutting the experiment two days short. The level of distraction that Tinder was causing in my life was becoming a major issue for me. Normally my days are spent at work and in class and my nights are spent studying, cooking, and at the gym. Now, I spent my days swiping and my nights messaging multiple guys back and forth. I’ve always been a one man type of girl, so even to be having flirty conversations with over 5 guys at once was a bit overwhelming for me.



Day 4: I planned on staying off Tinder since I was traveling that weekend, but that all changed once I got to my location and started having swiping withdrawals. I just decided to swipe a few guys and maybe I would meet some interesting people where I was. Automatically I was getting super-likes and the messages began rolling in. Out of all of the matches, there were two guys that stuck out from the rest. One was an athlete named Calvin* and he was taking a semester off of school for competitions. Calvin was ambitious, sweet, and we seemed to have the same focused mindset. He loved fitness, basketball, and cooking and those are the three keys to my heart so I was really enjoying him. The other one was David* and he was a businessman after my own heart. We talked about classes, MBAs, and what life was like in the business world. By the end of the night both of them had expressed that they wanted to meet me. I avoided the question for the night, but if they kept my interest for another day then I would consider accepting the


Day 5: David and Calvin definitely kept my interest throughout the day. By the end of the night, both of them had mentioned once again that they really wanted to meet me before I left that next morning. It was night time at this point and I couldn’t go on two dates so I had to pick one. David was a sweetheart, but I was in the mood to let go of my inhibitions and have fun so I picked Calvin. When I first saw Calvin in person, I wanted to exit stage left because the characters weren’t matching the script. He wasn’t completely unattractive, but he wasn’t representative of the Instagram filters he had utilized in his Tinder profile. He whispered to me that I looked just like my photos and just like he filtered his photos, I had to filter my words before I responded. I told him his shirt was nice and the date continued. Halfway through the date I knew I should have chosen David. Calvin didn’t pay for anything on the date, he started being possessive, and he made sexual advances after an hour of knowing me. I was ready to leave, but then the police came and we were locked inside the building. Shortly after they left, the date ended and so did my experiment with Tinder. This was all too much for me.


My week on Tinder taught me a lot about online dating. It taught me that it is not for me. There are at minimum two ways to date. You can date by dating multiple people simultaneously and picking the one that has potential to form a relationship, which is descriptive of online dating. The second way is by dating one person at a time and if that one doesn’t work out then dating someone else until there is the potential to form a relationship. That way can also be utilized online, but it’s more likely to be utilized with traditional dating. After a week of dating, I still traditionally believe that my relationship isn’t a “swipe” away.




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