Former Investment Banker, Hope Wiseman, Soon To Become The Youngest Black Marijuana Dispensary Owner In America

The 25 Year Old Reality Star of WAGS Atlanta on E! plans to open up her medical cannabis dispensary, Mary & Main,  in Maryland next month. For the past three years with the help of her mother and a family friend who are both dentists, Hope has been researching studies on  the positive effects of medicinal marijuana use.  Through this business she plans  to further educate the misinformed and break barriers regarding the negative connotations and stigmas associted with the use of marijuana.

As we all may know the medicinal use of the cannabis plant  is legal in a number of countries, including Canada, the Czech Republic and Israel as well as 29 states in the United States, but it has not been fully legalized yet. Resulting in, what some refer as “the disproportionate war on drugs”, causing thousands of marijuana offenses and incarcerations towards people of color. Although, it can be proven from data found in the American Civil Liberties Union that black people “do not use cannabis at a higher rate than white people” they are still “four times as likely to get arrested for possession.”

As far as recreational use of marijuana goes, for Maryland it is still illegal, but in 2014 legislation was passed allowing doctors to recommend medicinal use to patients resulting in dozens of approved dispensaries in the state of Maryland. This legislation also lowered possession of marijuana under 10 grams from a criminal to civil offense.


Wiseman plans to offer free classes about marijua and plans  “to focus on communities where punishment for consuming cannabis could be devastating.” She also plans on hosting an educational series with medical and legal professionals to help them feel more knowledgeable and comfortable about recommending medicinal marijuana usage and how her business and the legal environment can work together and affect each other. Through her strategic and informative approaches Hope, plans to challenge the stigma associated with marijuana usage and encourage minorities to break into the dispensary industry.

Wiseman and her team are excited about sharing not only the discrimation African Americans struggle with when it comes to marijuana, but the origins, and history of the plant, and to create unity amongst doctors, legal officials and the community. As Hope claims, “We need to cultivate more research and development on the drug,” because “That is when people will start to look at it differently.”



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