Have A Degree, But Still Undecided About Your Career?

Do you have a degree and still don’t know what you want to do with your career? 

You are not alone. We are told in school once you receive your degree then you will begin your career. Well, what if you don’t know which career path you want to do? Seeing your classmates start their careers that were preplanned, doesn’t make it any better. It makes you question yourself as if you are doing something wrong. Forbes posted this article from The Muse, “5 Mistakes You Make When You Don’t Know What You Want To Do Next”, which talks about what you shouldn’t do if you don’t know what job or career you want. Well, they didn’t give any solutions to help those in need. So here are some suggestions from the “five missteps to avoid” (Forbes, The Muse): 

“1. Taking An Interim Job Doing Anything”  

Taking an interim job until you figure out what you want to do for your career can be very helpful. The bills must get paid regardless, right. You may not work at a job in your field but at least you have income coming in but remain hopeful for your career search. 

2. Going Back To Grad School”

I’m currently in grad school and working full time so I’m definitely for going back to grad school if you are still undecided. You can’t go wrong by gaining more knowledge. As well as not having to pay back your student loans until you graduate. Or maybe study for a certification that can benefit your career in the future. 

3. Taking A Promotion In A Role You Don’t Love”

This is a hard one to give a suggestion because a promotion for someone could mean more money for their family. We don’t know everyone’s struggle so I can’t tell someone to not take a job even though they need to provide for their family. I had a similar situation happen and I didn’t take the position. For me it’s not about the money, it’s about how I’m going to feel and I didn’t see myself happy in that position. This one is up to the individual and how it will affect them overall. 

4. Staying Where You Are Because You Don’t Know What Else To Do”

Leaving a job is a scary thing because you don’t know what the future holds and you’re unsure what to do next. If you are working on yourself and planning to leave where you are for your next career journey, then don’t worry about staying until you decide. 

5. Bailing Out”

You can’t quit now! Giving up is NOT an option. Don’t settle for anything less and stay motivated. Sometimes you realize that the dream job/career you always wanted, isn’t what you need to feel complete or satisfied. 

 Check out the original article on The Muse

– Amber Peters

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Amber Peters is a current MBA candidate and full-time Accountant. She is a proud Alumna of Texas Southern University. “Faith without work means nothing”


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