How To Walk Out Of The Career Fair With An Internship

Attending job fairs while in college is the perfect way for you to network and find positions in your field of choice. A job fair would normally be a large amount of employers gathered in one building looking to hire individuals like you. There is always a representative on site ready to talk, interview, and possibly hire you.  Before attending a career fair makes sure you are prepared. There are several ways to prepare for a career fair that can possibly land you a job!

Research :  When there is a career fair not all companies come for the same reasons or the same type of job. It is your job to see what companies will be there and who you would like to stop by and talk to. Make sure they have a position that you may qualify for.

Dress for Success: Although you are not going to the physical company for an on-site interview, be sure to dress professionally.  For men, try a nice polished suit with a conservative tie. For women, a skirt or pants suit, blouse and nice bottoms is perfect. Try to be very easy on the jewelry. Most college students have a habit of holding handheld devices at all times; Try to tuck your devices away. You wouldn’t have it out on an on-site interview now would you?

Create A Bomb Resume’: I’m sure you may have heard that a resume is what sells you to a company for employment. HAVE SEVERAL COPIES ON HAND! Get with a professor in your major and make sure your resume is error free and professional. Want to stand out from others? Consider doing a creative resume’. Throw a little color in there and add a professional picture. It shows your creativity and allows the employer to see how serious you are. It won’t hurt to make business cards as well.

Be Prepared to Interview:  Walk up and introduce yourself. Be confident. Before they ask you questions give them a run down about yourself, what you do, what you know about their company and how you can contribute to them – Your elevator pitch. In fact practice it in the mirror, you are competing against your peers give your self the advantage by being prepared.  Walk into the career fair like your career depends on it. In many ways it does you have to do a minimal of two internships while in college. At most career fairs people are all over the place and will talk all over you. Try going when it’s not too crowded to the booths you are really interested in. You need to get that recruiters attention. Don’t just let your resume do all the talking. Go get what you want and what you need to be successful, EXPERIENCE.

Good Luck!

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Nicole S. Daniel is a young blogger, author, and entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL. She currently attends Miles College studying Communications.


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