Meet The Speakers Of The First Annual Black Collegiate Marketing Conference And The Leaders of A Generation, Ashley Dunn


Ashley is Stylish, Unique, Bold, Humble, Creative, Empowering and so much more! Women empowerment is a strong passion of Ashley’s.

“Women’s empowerment means to inspire it’s encouraging, support, and a sisterhood. It’s so important now because the narrative has change; with the #MeToo & #TimesUp. Now more than ever women from all backgrounds are beginning to use their voice and speaking up, women rallying around each other and speaking up is encouraging younger girls to use their voice as well. Women’s empowerment in the African-American community were starting to see ourselves in different roles and arenas that were continuously inspiring other black women to say “ hey I can do that too” and it’s so important to have that narrative.” – Ashley Dunn

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Before branching out to grow her passion Ashley worked in Corporate America with a plan, always knowing corporate America wasn’t her be all end all. While, in college she would style her friends and family and after college to get more hands on experience she would style others and worked at Anthropologie for about 3 months. Getting her first corporate Job which she worked for 6 years Ashley mapped out her planes for growing her business/ brand. She would style her boss, obtained her first BBA, create closets for people she’s encouraged through her work industry.

“Through the course of the six years I built up the courage to say “okay are you going to be all the way in or out?” It was no longer in me to keep going at that place and I decided to go full on with it. When you do it, it’s not everything is going to fall into place because it didn’t for me, I’ve been homeless, I’ve struggled going from structure to no structure. that’s the biggest misconception about entrepreneurship, that you’re going to start a business and it’ll all work out. Of course there’s going to be bumps and cracks in the road and you may fall down a lot but it’s about those who get up and keep going”

Since creating her own brand Ashley learned to create realistic goals for herself also took the time to understand the market that she was in, stop listening to those who say “are you sure you can/want to do that? , surround herself with people who will push and motive her to keep going because they believe in her and her goal and to never give up even when it’s times that she felt like throwing the towel in. “Things will get difficult whether you saved $50,000 or no money at all to start your business it will be hard, in those times of difficulty we need to be able to tap into a spiritual power oppose to saying its hard I quit. With this experience it taught me self-confidence and believing in the power of me, nobody can put a price tag on yourself but you. You create your own narrative and people Will either respond or they won’t but I believe that you can force people to buy into you”

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I believe that is true, If you promote yourself enough and you’re confident in what you’re selling/promoting people will either finally giving in see what you’re about or block you completely out until someone else shows them what you’ve been raving about. This is one of the biggest life lessons that I feel everyone knew about but were now applying to our adult life. All it takes is for one person to exude the very thing you needed as a reminder and that what Ashley does through her style.

Ashley’s style is comfortable, confident and what speaks to the narrative she want to tell that day! The message that she sends daily is to inspire and empower. She has definitely inspired me to actually wear the things that are in my closet opposed to leggings and a hoodie on days where I don’t feel “it”. Ashley style icons consist of Diana Ross, Princess Diana, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Solange all of these women tell a different story with their own personal style and what they exude. “I would like to be a voice for women and girls who were told no and that could never become but the overcame and overcome. I want to be the voice for those women and girl to know that just because they slammed the door in your face nobody can stop you, if you put your heart and mind to it you can do anything and change your story to whatever you want it to be no matter your circumstances or where you’re from.”

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This year Ashley plans on moving to LA and being on a bigger scale in television professionally, to spiritually grow closer to god and personally to be a bigger overall person. Be sure to hear Ashley speak at the black Collegiate conference in Houston, Texas February 8th

Advice from Ashley: Try different jobs within the industry that you’re interested in, you can do it. Commit yourself to it, it takes consistency and persistence.


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