Told Ya So: HBCU Leaders Disappointed After Trumps Budget Proposal Omits Funds And Cuts Pell Grants

A few weeks ago, Historically Black College and University  (HBCU) leaders met with the Trump Administration for a photo-op  to discuss additional funding and now they are left feeling duped after the Trump’s trillion dollar White House budget failed to include the requests for more money from HBCU leaders.

The funding is  set to maintain the $492 million in funds for HBCUs and other nonwhite-serving institutions and will be slashing the budget for pell grants by nearly $4 billion, according to The Atlanta Blackstar.

“Less than three weeks ago, this administration claimed it is a priority to advocate for HBCUs, but, after viewing this budget proposal, those calls ring hollow,” said state Rep. Alma Adams (D-N.C.), a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University.

Louisiana state representative and Morehouse College alumnus Cedric Richmond (D-La.) echoed Adams’ harsh sentiments, denouncing Trump’s proposed cuts to grants for out-of-school-time programs, community development and initiatives that serve to help low-income Americans.

“All of this hurts the African-American community,” Richmond said. “In addition, despite his promise to support and strengthen HBCUs, President Trump proposes to give these schools the same amount of funding they received last year. This budget proposal is not a new deal for African-Americans. It’s a raw deal that robs the poor and the middle class to pay the richest of the rich.”

The budget failed to mention the 5 to 10% increase requested by HBCU leaders. Trump vowed to do more for HBCUs than the Obama administration and has once again went against his word to those looking forward to proposed changes.

“You can’t just have a photo op for HBCUs and not create more funding for them,” Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said Thursday. “These schools have been under austerity for years and if they’re going to compete with others, they need more funding.”

Read more: Atlanta Blackstar

What are you thoughts on Trump not increasing HBCU funding and slashing Pell grant funding?

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  • Sherri L Young Reply

    March 23, 2017 at 11:24 AM

    I understand why the HBCU came and met with the President, but I already knew that Trump was going to do what is best for Trump and his wealthy colleaques. He’s not thinking about HBCUs, he doesn’t care, and his policies reflect this. But he did use everyone in the room to demonstrate how “down” he is with the African-American community, and they allowed that to happen.

    I hope it is a lesson learned. Next time don’t be fooled by a crocodile. No matter how much it smiles and says things you want to hear – it’s still a crocodile.

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