The Truth Behind The Star Spangled Banner By Morgan State University Alum: What So Proudly We Hail | DOCUMENTARY

This is a documentary on the history of the Star Spangled Banner, and the hidden truths about the third verse of the song. Through the guidance of Tim Reid (Emmy-nominated Actor, Director & Producer) and under the direction of DeWayne Wickham (Dean of the School of Global Journalism & Communication, Morgan State University), they were able to use their creativity as a group and put this together.

What So Proudly We Hail | DOCUMENTARY from Duane Saunders Jr on Vimeo.

Executive Producer: Tim Reid
Director: Duane Saunders Jr.
Director of Photography: Devonte King
Assistant Directors: Jazmine Hawes & Danielle Carter
Camera Operators: Kendra Hawkins, Danielle Carter, Jazmine Hawes, Devonte King & Duane Saunders Jr.
Editors: Kendra Hawkins, Devonte King, Duane Saunders Jr. & Taylor Evans
Audio Technicians: Danielle Carter & Dashamira Barksdale
Lighting: Kwesi Adoko & Jekara Wright
Interviewers: Shawn Massie & Kendra Hawkins
Researchers: Synclaire Cruel, Tramon Lucas, Samantha Kwaku-Mensah, Jazmine Hawes & Danielle Carter
Singers: Kewanna Taylor, Alexandria Crichlow, Anya Gray, Calvin McNeil, Christian Simmons, Najah McDonald, Daijah Wiley & Deuan Brockenberry
Film Locations: Fort McHenry, Fredericksburg, MD & Morgan State University


Instagram: @prihym

Twitter: @prihym_

Facebook: Duane Saunders Jr

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