The Truth About the “Hood” #Stereotypes

It was once said that the “hood” was a neighborhood without neighbors. The Urban Dictionary describes the hood as a place you wouldn’t want to be.

When you think of the “hood” what city(ies) come to mind? A place you grew up? A place you’ve only rode through? A place on the news with a high crime rate?

The hood is filled with drugs and crime.

False. Many people are raised in the hood and never come across a drug in their lives. The hood has its fair share of drugs and random acts of violence, but the hood is made up of some hardworking people as well. Some middle class families stay in a hood nearest you. The truth is, violence is everywhere, you can’t escape it. Just because you don’t see your local suburb on the news doesn’t mean their BMW’s are getting broken into and their fine china isn’t coming up missing.


Everybody owns a gun.

Righhht. Gun violence may be at a higher rate in the hood, but everybody does not own a gun. Some people will not even tolerate the thought of such a deadly weapon being in their homes. The truth is, a gun is not a typical 13th birthday present for every little boy and girl in the hood.


The hood is filled with black people.

Not just us buddy. The hood can surprisingly be a diverse place. Chinese, Middle Eastern, and yes white people too.

Most people don’t make it out (past 21)

False. A LOTTTTTT of people have made it out! Your local pediatrician, your company’s CEO, your favorite athlete or performer, was more than likely a product of the “hood” (ie. Judge Mathis, Diddy, Mary J Blige)Don’t be mistaken, it is not easy to overcome the hood when the odds are stacked against you AND the local law enforcement enjoys target practice with the entire area code. The truth is, it is possible and more than likely that you live to see your 21st birthday and your 30th and even your 72nd. Contrary to popular belief, people from the hood do not feel in danger walking to the gas station or riding their bike to the park.


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