Write a Professional Bio for Your LinkedIn, Twitter & Personal Website

Bios on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and personal website play a vital role in building a remarkable reputation on the internet. A professional bio speaks about your personality, profession, and skills and offers a quickest way to impress your potential employers and maximize your chances of getting the job.

Following are important things you need to keep in mind when writing different types of bios for your social media accounts and personal site:



LinkedIn Bio:

Use a Professional Tone

Maintaining a professional tone while writing a LinkedIn bio can really make a big difference. LinkedIn is the ideal medium for introducing yourself to the professional world, and therefore, your bio should not include any sarcasm, witty comments, senseless humor, etc. Try to keep your LinkedIn bio simple, yet impressive.

Describe Yourself

In your LinkedIn bio, you need to display your strength, qualities, and achievements. It helps recruiters to differentiate you from others. College students that do not have prior work experience; they can include what they have studied, what they excel at, and any awards won.

Use Keywords

Recruiters and HR managers use keywords to find out potential candidates on LinkedIn. Keywords describe what experience and skills you have had and what experience you are looking to gain. Use keywords related to your profession and skills such as journalism, graphic design, etc. and make your profile accessible.

Twitter Bio:

Include Relevant Information

The main difference between a LinkedIn bio and Twitter bio is the length. Twitter gives you a limited word count (160 characters) for writing a bio; you need to make it to-the-point, relevant, and impressive. One smart idea is that you can just put your college name, your graduating year, and academic achievement in the bio. It will give recruiters enough ideas about your qualification and career objectives.

Make it Personal, But Not Too Much

You can write about your personality, favorites, etc, at the end of your Twitter bio, but do not make it too cute.

Link Your Twitter Bio to Linked Page/ blog

As your Twitter bio is very short, you can link it to your other social media accounts. Many recruiters explore different networks to find candidates, and by linking your Twitter bio to your LinkedIn page, you are making it easier for them.

Personal Website or Blog Bio:

All of your online bios should represent you similarly. Make it certain that everything you do online is consistent. You can use different tones and lengths for writing bios, but your personal website or blog bio should tie it all together and keep it uniform. It makes you look more professional and reliable.

Focus On Your Core Strength

Never represent yourself as someone who knows everything. If you have multiple strong skills, then create different websites according to the skill set in order to avoid confusion.

Show Your Passion

You do not have any word limit for writing your personal website/ blog bio, so make a good use of it. Your personal website bio should tell an interesting, unique story using flawless sentences, grammar, and concise language.

The Bottom Line:

At Last, remember to proofread all your bios. Little grammatical and spelling errors can make you look unprofessional.


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